Maybe you've reached this page because you have some questions about faith and want to explore some answers. 

We'd love to help you as you start on this journey. There are a few options on this page as you make a start.

1. Watch

Also why not check out CROWD.  CROWD is a safe space to explore the Christian faith and to discover how Jesus really is the key to a meaningful life. It's a space for those who are not sure of the point of church, for those that 'find God elsewhere' but who are looking for answers to live a meaningful life.
CROWD is a weekly livestream for those who are looking to be inspired because Jesus is the most inspiring person that we know.
Livestreaming on Sundays at 6pm or watch previous messages at

2. Connect

Get connected with a local church - whether that's Frontline or another church. If you'd like to come to a service at Frontline, to get connected in to a Community group or just for someone to contact you to chat about faith then please email us.

3. Read

Read some of the Bible.  We recommend starting with Mark's gospel to find out more about what Jesus said and did.  You can start reading by visiting, which has all of the Bible for free.

4. Pray

We believe in the power of prayer. We know that life can throw up its challenges and we want to support anyone who requests, by praying for them. If you need prayer please click here to let us know how we can pray for you.
Why not try praying yourself? There are free resources to learn about prayer at

5. Come to an Explore group

If you'd like to ask some questions or find out more about the Christian faith then join our Explore group. Meeting weekly we'll look at different aspects of faith and have an opportunity for people to ask questions and discuss faith in small groups. There’s no obligation to say anything and there’s nothing you can’t say or ask. It’s an opportunity to hear from others and contribute your own perspective in an honest, friendly and open environment. 
We're in the process of confirming times and dates for the new year - please let us know if you are interested in coming along.