Fews | Getting Started

We feel Fews work best when they begin organically.

If you would like to be in a Few, think of people around you who you may like to go deeper with in friendship and prayer. You are looking for people who are hungry for more of God. They may not be your best friends yet but they are people who will become deep-spirited friends over time.

We recommend you set some regular dates, fortnightly or monthly, and stick to them. Then, after about 6 meetings, review, see how it is going and if you would all like to continue with this Few.

Sometimes it can take time to find people with whom you naturally connect and can start a Few with, so don’t be discouraged if there are not others immediately obvious. We truely believe as a church that we were not meant to do life alone, so if you'd like to know more about how to start a Few or would like help connecting with others then please do let us know and we’d love to chat with you.