Vision and Values

Transformed by Grace

Grace simply means to be gifted with something we don’t deserve. Grace is at the heart of the Christian faith. Religion says you have to meet a certain standard. Religion says strive, earn, be good, don’t be naughty, and then maybe-just-maybe you’ll be saved. Grace says receive the free gift of salvation. Believe. Receive.  
The moment we received Jesus into our lives, he changed us into new creations. We are being transformed by his grace. Day by day, as we surrender our lives to Jesus, we find he transforms our hearts and minds into more of his image.
But being transformed by grace isn’t just about inward and personal transformation. Transformed people transform the world around them. This is our vision. Our longing and desire is to see the lives of many men, women and children transformed by Jesus’s wonderful grace.

Authentic Devotion

We believe that love and passion for Jesus has to be the starting point for everything we do. As Frontliners we desire to be growing in our intimacy with Jesus, recognising that it's all about his grace.

Extended Family

We believe that we need each other. The Father is not looking for more servants or workers, he's looking for sons and daughters. In all we do we desire to do it as family; young, old, male, female, every tribe and tongue together.

Confident Witness

We believe the gospel is both words and works. Presence and Proclamation. In an increasingly secular society we desire to confidently make a noise about who Jesus is and what he's done for us.

Kingdom Impact

We believe that Frontline is called to make an impact; in the city through to the nations. We desire to see the Kingdom of Heaven established here on earth in every sphere of society.