As a church we meet in three different 'spaces' and 'sizes'. We meet in homes in small groups we call Missional Communities. We all meet together in our large venue in Wavertree. But we also have an increasing number of mid-sized groups meeting in various locations around the region and beyond. Some meet in coffee shops, others in school halls. If you live near one, why not connect and go along?

Frontline Wavertree

Frontline is a church that gathers together at various times and in various places. Our main Sunday service is in Wavertree, Liverpool, 10:30am through to about 12pm. It’s relaxed, casual and fun. We gather together to celebrate and experience God’s transforming power in our lives. We do this through inspirational music and song and through a relevant and engaging message based on the Bible. There is an opportunity to receive prayer at the end of the service. Find out more here.

CROWD Church

CROWD is our online church with a  mission to be church for those that don't see the point of church, for those that 'find God elsewhere' but who are looking for answers to live a meaningful life. CROWD is a weekly livestream for those who are looking to be inspired because Jesus is the most inspiring person that we know.
Livestream: Sunday, 6pm on YouTube
More info:


Persian Language Service / Frontline Iranian  Church

Frontline Iranian Church is led by Pastor Shapoor Ahmadifar. They meet every Sunday at 4pm in Frontline Centre to worship in a Persian Language service. They also meet for Bible Study on Tuesday evenings.
For more information contact /


Polish Believers

Jesteśmy grupą Polaków, którzy wierzą w Słowo Boże i że Jezus Chrystus jest obecny w Kościele. Jesteśmy ludźmi, którzy szukają Ducha Świętego w osobie Jezusa Chrystusa i On jest naszym nauczycielem i tym, który nas prowadzi. Spotykamy się cotygodniowo w piątek aby studiować Słowo Boże oraz w Niedzielę na nabożeństwo w Frontline Center, 147 Lawrence Road, L15 3HA o 13:30. Jesteśmy rodziną i chcemy pomagać sobie nawzajem i błogosławić wszystkich naszych braci i siostry. Staramy się być uczniami Jezusa każdego dnia. Jeśli chcesz do nas dołączyć lub jesteś już wierzący w Jezusa i chcesz pogłębić swoją wiarę, zapraszamy Cię.

Frontline Wirral

Our Message
God is near.....and he wants to know you.

We believe that God is interested in your life and that he's made a way for you to know Him. Even though the world contains billions of people, he sees you individually and wants to get to know you. He's provided a solution to the evil that sits in the hearts of men and women by sending his son Jesus to die once and for all time. Jesus took the punishment we all deserved by becoming a man and dying in our place. God is not mad at you and looking to punish you - he wants to know you, forgive you, walk with you and guide you throughout your life. He offers you the free gift of salvation today - we can testify that he has changed our lives and know that He wants to impact yours.
For this is how much God loved the world—he gave his one and only, unique Son as a gift. So now everyone who believes in him will never perish but experience everlasting life.
John 3:16 [The Passion Translation]

Frontline Wirral no longer meets on a Sunday but gathers in Missional Communities.
If you live on the Wirral and would like to connect with a community please contact Jack Mariner.