Our Values - Kingdom Impact

We believe that Frontline is called to make an impact; in the city through to the nations. We desire to see the Kingdom of Heaven established here on earth in every sphere of society. John Harding talks to Hana Clarke about how Imagine If  has helped in transforming her life over the last few years.

John: Hi Hana. Obviously I know you, but why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Hana: My name’s Hana. I’m a friendly, confident person, and the reason I’m covered in glitter at the moment is ‘cos I’m doing an apprenticeship with Sticky Fingers.

John: We love having you working around the building and seeing your smiling face, but would it be true to say you’ve had a difficult journey to this point?

Hana: Yeah. I had a pretty traumatic childhood that has left me with ongoing mental health issues, but my life is really different now to what it was just over a year ago. I’d started hanging around with the wrong crowd. I got into drink and drugs. I thought at the time it was the best life I could live, but I was wrong. My family fell apart and I ended up homeless and in a pretty bad way.

John: It’s difficult to imagine that looking at you now. How did you get from being homeless to working here at the church?
Hana: I know! When I think about my life I get a huge rush off it.
I think ‘Wow, God, look at what you’ve done!’ Everything changed just over a year ago. I was homeless, at a low point. Whitechapel got me a place at a hostel, and from there I was referred to Genesis Housing and got a place in Imagine If’s Sozo House. People here have helped me so much. Jemma is a bit of heaven. The way she’s been with me is amazing, she’s challenged me and never given up on me when I’ve had an episode. Jenny too. They’ve helped me rebuild my confidence and my life. They’ve all shown me a love I have never felt before, and for that I thank God every day. They believed in me to the point where I now believe in myself and have the strength to do things the right way and react differently to situations.

John: You’ve just finished a shift with Stickies but you’re still full of life! What are your hopes for the future?
Hana: I love working with the kids ‘cos they’re so hopeful. They always see light in the darkness. I hope I can be a bit of a role model to them; someone stable in their lives.

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