Awakening Prayer - Anna Evans

“I find it exciting to see God outworking his plans during the morning service.”
Clare Dowrick

“I love tuning into the Holy Spirit with a group of others and sensing his blessing and direction for the meeting.”
Lynne Slattery.

“I feel that joining in Awaken prayer is a way I can genuinely serve the church. It also builds my faith and sharpens my spirit as I join with others in prayer. There is nothing like partnering with others and with the Holy Spirit to bring His Kingdom here on earth.”
Mike Farrington

As a scattered church, much of the prayer and prophecy we do at Frontline is going to be in our homes, communities and small groups. This is wonderful and entirely appropriate. But we are also a gathered church so corporate prayer is an important dynamic for us to enter into. This is why we in the prophecy team have been working behind the scenes to establish corporate prayer rhythms alongside our gatherings.

We would love to extend the invitation to you to come and join us...
Prayer is an extraordinary privilege. We as believers in Christ Jesus get to come boldly before the throne of heaven with any need or request. A privilege of that magnitude is hard for any of us to truly fathom! Prayer is also a 2 way street; As we learn to listen in and hear the voice of God we can offer prayers of agreement and declaration. This type of prayer is life giving and extremely powerful. As we pray in response to hearing God, we connect to heaven’s authority. Agreements are made between heaven and earth; the course of history is changed.

During the Awaken prayer time we listen and pray for Liverpool and the UK, keeping our expression of gathered church in its wider context. We believe that the impact of our gatherings is increased by our prayers, both for you as individuals and those you connect to. We spend time praying for the children and visitors, and end the hour by joining those serving in leadership for the Pre-service prayer time at 10am.

Listening prayer, prophecy and intercessory prayer are intrinsically linked. I love nothing more than to hear Holy Spirit speaking and enter into a conversation that is about friendship with God as well as purpose. When we gather as the prophecy team this is the kind of prayer we enter into together. We listen to Holy Spirit, share what we hear with each other and then pray or intercede as a result. This means that the prayers we pray for you and those leading the service on a Sunday morning are initiated by Holy Spirit as well as by us.

Our time together is always dynamic, interesting, encouraging and fun! There are solemn moments of intercession and joyful moments of synergy. Many times we have prophesied together at 9am and then watched and heard the same words or scriptures declared from the platform later in the morning. The excitement we feel to be affirmed by Holy Spirit in this way is really wonderful. The team is currently made up of a small group of committed people but we would love it to grow as you feel led to join us. Perhaps you could decide to come once a month or once a term. Take a moment now to ask Holy Spirit what your contribution is and then be true to that.

I love being part of the Awaken prayer times before our Sunday gatherings and I’m sure you will too! 

Awaken Prayer Time. Sunday Morning 9am-10am. Foyer/Main Hall at The Frontline Building.
Here are some scriptures for further reading about this topic:
  • Hebrews 4:16
  • James 5:16
  • Ezekiel 37:1-14
  • 2 Corinthians 9:7

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